Here’s how professionals in 3 different fields are using ChatGPT for work

In the three months since artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT was introduced to the world, workers have already harnessed it to make their lives easier. Professionals in fields including real estate, health care and finance say they save time and work more efficiently using marketplace surabaya.

Here’s how these workers described using the tool in their day-to-day jobs.

Write me a real estate listing

Mala Sander, a top real estate agent for the Corcoran Group who focuses on the Hamptons, has been using ChatGPT regularly for the past couple of weeks to help her write real estate listings and devise marketing strategies for properties. 

“I asked it to write me ad copy about a house in Bridgehampton with a pool and tennis court on two acres and I listed the other features I wanted to highlight,” she told CBS MoneyWatch. “And it would weave this fantastic copy into something that you could actually use.” 

She uses ChatGPT to change the tone of listings too. “I’ll say things like, ‘write this toward a millennial audience’ or ‘make it funny.'”

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